PDF online brochure

This one is exciting as it is still ongoing. A dance manufacturer that we have worked with for years wanted a new brochure but not the expense of printing. We also wanted to up their game as they still manufacture the finest dance garments and shoes in England, and that’s worth shouting about.

The solution was to produce their brochure as an online PDF brochure. The possibilities open up when you aren’t restricted by how many pages you can print. So we could rethink the whole brochure from product categories to the products themselves. After some market research it became apparent that the customer was missing a few tricks with some of its existing garments. The RAD and ISTD govern what is to be worn within dance classes and for dance examinations. Some of the clients existing garments weren’t quite fitting what the governing bodies were requesting. Now was the perfect time for them to start aligning their product range.

Once realigned, we booked a photo shoot with 5 dancers. The Examination grades with the RAD and ISTD require different dance garments. We used different aged girls to illustrate the differing grades. 5 dancers and 4 days later we achieved a library of  photographs that we could use to create the new PDF brochure and for the clients e-commerce site.

Dance brochures can be very rigid in their appearance as dancers, particularly young dancers are often shown to be doing technically correct moves. Our client wanted us to break away from that very stiff approach and show the dancers just enjoying dancing. There was some tickling, lots of  giggling and the photographs looked much fresher for it.

The brochure is now clearly split between adults and children’s garments to make the s election process easier. Each DPS is dedicated to one garment/shoe and we now have the luxury of clearly showing colour ways per garment.

Brochures are often designed from a pile of supplied pics and text. To be effective there is so much more to the process. And with this one we have really upped the client’s game.



Katz dancewear - PDF online brochure- Shoes Katz dancewear - PDF online brochure - Shoes