Shoe photography

We photograph all kinds of shoes at Graymatter Media. Ballet shoes, tap shoes, ballroom shoes, dress shoes, bridal shoes, bridesmaids shoes, comfy shoes, jazz shoes, walking shoes, boots, wellies, foot gloves, sneakers, mens shoes, ladies shoes and even folding shoes. Shoe photography is a passion of ours.
As with all product photography the aim is get the product looking its very best. Light the product to give it form and make it obvious what the materials are. And prop the product to present it to the camera in the best way possible. Often we’ll commission specially designed forms to be made to ensure the shoe holds its shape properly and all creases are removed from the upper. With the folding shoe the form not only had to hold the shoe open properly, but also had to make the inner sock visible to show the brand.
Shoe photography can be done by the hour, the day, or we can quote unit rates or for bulk lots. We can also source and book models if required. And we’re happy to do some example work free of charge if we’re unable to show you existing examples.
We work in Northamptonshire, home to shoe making.
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