Pack shot photography

Packshot photography at Graymatter Media is generally studio photography of products of a suitable size to photographed on a table top. Anything from pens to kitchen gadgets. Often the customer requires a clean white background or for the image to be supplied with a clipping path so the image can appear isolated from the background. Packshot photography usually involves photographing many similar products all in the same way and with the same background.

Packshot images are usually used to just show the product, whether it’s in a catalogue, on a website, or on packaging design.
Packshot photography can also involve more styled and dressed backgrounds but again the idea is introduce an economy of scale and use the same setup and repeat the shot with varying products.

We often shoot much larger products in a similar way to packshot photography, in that the same setup is repeated for many items, but the size of product slows the process down. And we can setup studios at customers’ premises where the size and or volume of products means it is more cost effective to bring the photography to the client rather than ship the product to the studio – this can also mean that products can be taken and returned to stock without booking out.

Images are colour matched and retouched as required and supplied with clipping paths and in various pixel dimensions for various uses – web resolution, small print resolution and full high resolution, for example.

Packshot photography can be done by the hour, the day, or we can quote unit rates or for bulk lots. We’re also happy to do some example work free of charge if we’re unable to show you existing examples.


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