Knights of Old Carluccio’s video

We were asked to create a Knights of Old video after initially coming up with the Every deliver tells a story… branding idea. Video is the perfect platform to tell a story, and Carluccio’s a great example of a customer within the food sector to feature in the story.

The strategy behind the video was to show new and existing customers the scale of the business and the services on offer. Normally videos about haulage and logistics are full of trucks and people in high vis vests wandering around cavernous warehouses. We wanted the video to feel personal, so we told the story of one product, an olive.

Dad had eaten his last Carluccio’s olive, and being dad, he put the empty jar back in the fridge. With dad’s birthday party looming we needed more of his favourite olives.

The video then tracks the olives from Italy all the way back to dad. An epic journey involving hand picking the olives, Italian roads, French roads, sea freight, UK roads, warehouse, a lovely lady named Glynys who hand packed the gift hamper containing the olives and a van.