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Graphic design – company brochure

We had already come up with the brand concept of Every delivery tells a story… The new Knights of Old brochure then gave us the platform to tell some of the stories behind the deliveries.

Careful customer choice allowed us to work with heavy weight brands within industry specific sectors, retail, agriculture, heavy machinery, manufacturing and food

Retail – John Lewis – Multichannel Retailer of the Year 2014 and The Nation’s Best Retailer.

Agriculture – Mole Valley Farmers – The UK’s largest rural retailer.

Heavy Machinery – Tennant – setting the benchmark for sustainable outdoor cleaning.

Manufacturing – Agropharm – Eco-friendly pest control solutions that have minimum impact on the environment.

Food – Carluccios – Opened in 1991 and taken over in 2010 by the Landmark Group.

Media – Penguin Random House – The world’s first truly global publisher.

Usually within logistics marketing collateral is full of trucks and warehouse space. The Every delivery tells a story… campaign allowed us to open up the use of imagery beyond the expected. Photographs were specifically chosen for impact and to show the scope of what Knights of Old are able to offer.

The branding campaign was so strong that we were albe to use it as the basis for an exhibition stand at MultiModal, a company video, a new website and a company presentation.


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Full service agency

We could scribble a load of pretentious blurb about ourselves, or we could go down the route of telling you that we are different. The facts are, we are small, we listen and we think we do a lot of great things with our clients.

Our approach is strategic and hands on. We like to think we have our feet on the ground with our heads in the clouds.

Every delivery tells a story - Video

Every delivery tells a story campaign – Video

Every delivery tells a story…

Every delivery tells a story Campaign… Brochure cover – Knights of Old

Knights of Old Carluccios

Every delivery tells a story Campaign… CMS website design and build

PDF online brochure

This one is exciting as it is still ongoing. A dance manufacturer that we have worked with for years wanted a new brochure but not the expense of printing. We also wanted to up their game as they still manufacture the finest dance garments and shoes in England, and that’s worth shouting about.

The solution was to produce their brochure as an online PDF brochure. The possibilities open up when you aren’t restricted by how many pages you can print. So we could rethink the whole brochure from product categories to the products themselves. After some market research it became apparent that the customer was missing a few tricks with some of its existing garments. The RAD and ISTD govern what is to be worn within dance classes and for dance examinations. Some of the clients existing garments weren’t quite fitting what the governing bodies were requesting. Now was the perfect time for them to start aligning their product range.

Once realigned, we booked a photo shoot with 5 dancers. The Examination grades with the RAD and ISTD require different dance garments. We used different aged girls to illustrate the differing grades. 5 dancers and 4 days later we achieved a library of  photographs that we could use to create the new PDF brochure and for the clients e-commerce site.

Dance brochures can be very rigid in their appearance as dancers, particularly young dancers are often shown to be doing technically correct moves. Our client wanted us to break away from that very stiff approach and show the dancers just enjoying dancing. There was some tickling, lots of  giggling and the photographs looked much fresher for it.

The brochure is now clearly split between adults and children’s garments to make the s election process easier. Each DPS is dedicated to one garment/shoe and we now have the luxury of clearly showing colour ways per garment.

Brochures are often designed from a pile of supplied pics and text. To be effective there is so much more to the process. And with this one we have really upped the client’s game.



Katz dancewear - PDF online brochure- Shoes Katz dancewear - PDF online brochure - Shoes


Knights of Old Carluccio’s video

We were asked to create a Knights of Old video after initially coming up with the Every deliver tells a story… branding idea. Video is the perfect platform to tell a story, and Carluccio’s a great example of a customer within the food sector to feature in the story.

The strategy behind the video was to show new and existing customers the scale of the business and the services on offer. Normally videos about haulage and logistics are full of trucks and people in high vis vests wandering around cavernous warehouses. We wanted the video to feel personal, so we told the story of one product, an olive.

Dad had eaten his last Carluccio’s olive, and being dad, he put the empty jar back in the fridge. With dad’s birthday party looming we needed more of his favourite olives.

The video then tracks the olives from Italy all the way back to dad. An epic journey involving hand picking the olives, Italian roads, French roads, sea freight, UK roads, warehouse, a lovely lady named Glynys who hand packed the gift hamper containing the olives and a van.

Pack shot photography

Packshot photography at Graymatter Media is generally studio photography of products of a suitable size to photographed on a table top. Anything from pens to kitchen gadgets. Often the customer requires a clean white background or for the image to be supplied with a clipping path so the image can appear isolated from the background. Packshot photography usually involves photographing many similar products all in the same way and with the same background.

Packshot images are usually used to just show the product, whether it’s in a catalogue, on a website, or on packaging design.
Packshot photography can also involve more styled and dressed backgrounds but again the idea is introduce an economy of scale and use the same setup and repeat the shot with varying products.

We often shoot much larger products in a similar way to packshot photography, in that the same setup is repeated for many items, but the size of product slows the process down. And we can setup studios at customers’ premises where the size and or volume of products means it is more cost effective to bring the photography to the client rather than ship the product to the studio – this can also mean that products can be taken and returned to stock without booking out.

Images are colour matched and retouched as required and supplied with clipping paths and in various pixel dimensions for various uses – web resolution, small print resolution and full high resolution, for example.

Packshot photography can be done by the hour, the day, or we can quote unit rates or for bulk lots. We’re also happy to do some example work free of charge if we’re unable to show you existing examples.


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Jewellery photography

Jewellery photography can be particularly challenging and depending upon the finish of the item, can require an amount of time in retouch. At Graymatter Media we have developed lighting and support techniques to minimise the amount of retouching required and hence reduce customer’s costs.

Modern digital cameras, when used with the very best quality macro lenses, record the most amazing level of detail. Although this mostly preferable, it can sometimes be frustrating when photographing jewellery which will be reproduced many times larger than life size. Although a piece of jewellery, whether it’s a gold ring or silver necklace, may look beautifully finished and highly polished to the eye, when viewed through a microscope, which is effectively what’s happening with macro photography, it can have many scratches and polishing defects. When these images are printed and viewed many times life size, these defects are highly visible. Defects such as surface scratches, dents and buildup of polish in tight areas where the mop couldn’t get to, all look quite unpleasant.

Although retouching can not be avoided altogether with jewellery photography, we have developed lighting techniques to make the best of highly polished surfaces, giving them a beautiful, almost airbrushed, sheen which disguises fine scratching without making them look at all dull. The polished shine in the metal is reinforced by adding hard reflections.

As with all product photography disciplines, propping and support of jewellery is very important. Whether we’re photographing rings, necklaces, ear rings or cufflinks, being able to quickly and repeatably present the piece to the camera is important to minimise retouching costs and speed up photography. Often a securely propped ring will have something quite large holding it position and this will need removing in retouch. While removing supports from a background is quite straight forward, the real problem is removing the reflections of the supports that show in the polished surface of the ring. And this is made even harder in curved surfaces, especially when a surface curves in two or three dimensions. The trick is to make sure that whatever is holding the ring does not reflect in it.

Jewellery photography can be done by the hour, the day, or we can quote unit rates or for bulk lots. We’re also happy to do some example work free of charge if we’re unable to show you existing examples.



Shoe photography

We photograph all kinds of shoes at Graymatter Media. Ballet shoes, tap shoes, ballroom shoes, dress shoes, bridal shoes, bridesmaids shoes, comfy shoes, jazz shoes, walking shoes, boots, wellies, foot gloves, sneakers, mens shoes, ladies shoes and even folding shoes. Shoe photography is a passion of ours.
As with all product photography the aim is get the product looking its very best. Light the product to give it form and make it obvious what the materials are. And prop the product to present it to the camera in the best way possible. Often we’ll commission specially designed forms to be made to ensure the shoe holds its shape properly and all creases are removed from the upper. With the folding shoe the form not only had to hold the shoe open properly, but also had to make the inner sock visible to show the brand.
Shoe photography can be done by the hour, the day, or we can quote unit rates or for bulk lots. We can also source and book models if required. And we’re happy to do some example work free of charge if we’re unable to show you existing examples.
We work in Northamptonshire, home to shoe making.
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