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Custom ebay Storefront

Problem: A need to look like a large established provider within the ebay environment.

Solution: Custom build an ebay store front.

Katz Dancewear have been successfully selling within ebay for a couple of years. But with growth, they developed a need to look like the big boys selling on ebay. The likes of Boden and Joules. They are also hugely proud of still being manufactured in the UK.

We developed and coded a storefront that represented the quality of the brand. An aspirational, strong timeless dancer and a subtle union jack. A buying environment where customers feel confident with the Katz brand.


ebay storefront - Katz dancewear

ebay storefront – Katz dancewear

CMS Website

After coming up with the concept of Every delivery tells a story… which would allow us to talk about Knights of Old’s fabulous customers and tell their unique stories. We then shot a video which featured Carluccio’s, designed a Multimodal exhibition stand, a new brochure and of course built a new CMS website.

The website design allowed us to bring the stories to life with distinctive photographs of everything but trucks and cavernous warehouse spaces.

As we could start from scratch the website is simple and functional, but speaks volumes about the Knights of Old brand.

CM S Website 2CM S Website 3

Padders Behind The Scenes Videos – PLAY

We photograph lifestyle photo shoots for Padders , so were delighted when they asked us to film behind the scenes videos for them. They could see the value that this style of documentary video could offer to their website and for use at exhibitions and trade shows.
To date we have filmed 4 behind the scenes videos with Padders. All with a lifestyle approach to them to enhance the Padders brand.
It’s all about documenting the events of the one day lifestyle photo shoots. The laughter, the styling details, the venues and of course the models. It’s a  small but perfect glimpse as to what really goes on behind the scenes of a Padders location photoshoot.

Prestige sports car specialist video

Having video content on websites is so important that we now offer video recording and editing to our clients. Websites with video content hold visitors interest for longer than sites without it. And, by uploading videos to YouTube, it opens up another way for potential customers to find your site. Video can bring your site to life whilst holding visitors on your site.
Videos can be shot to demonstrate your product or services. Or videos can show how your product is made, or how to care for it. We have also shot videos of a still photo shoot in progress to give the visitor a sneak look behind the scenes on set or on location. 
Video is a great way of engaging the visitors to your site. They also make a great addition to exhibition stands. This video for The Dove House  Motor Company had a simple purpose. To illustrate the differences between the Audi R8 5.2 V10 FSI Coupe Vs Spyder. If a picture says a thousand words, a video speaks volumes.