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Aerial 3D Models

Graymatter Media can generate 3D models of areas, building and sites which can be rotated and moved by a viewer to effectively study a site in three dimensions. This is fantastically useful for developers and planners to demonstrate and understand the advantages and effects of proposed development schemes. Please click the image below to view

Point Cloud Surveying

Using state of the art software Graymatter Media is able to survey areas and sites and produce point cloud data sets from data captured with a UAV or drone. The data is of laser scanner quality and can be supplied in various ways (XYZ, LAS, LAZ) to enable import into 3rd party software such as

Aerial video Deene Park, November 2015

Aerial video shot at Deene Park for use on the estate’s new website. The video shows the stunning house and gardens and the areas which will play host to weddings. The video is shot using a drone, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), which records UHD 4k video and allows capture of images from unique viewpoints

Kelmarsh Hall 360 degree tour

[popuppress id=”676″] Aerial virtual tour of Kelmarsh Hall. Graymatter Media is certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Aerial 360 degree virtual tours

[popuppress id=”669″] In addition to amazing aerial photography and video, Graymatter Media can also provide 360 degree aerial

Aerial Video Kelmarsh Hall

Aerial video and aerial photography by drone, or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), or SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft), puts the camera at a view point often unreachable by any other means, and certainly at a fraction of the cost of using full size aircraft even it were possible to use one. The drone can be flown

Aerial Video Lamport Hall

Graymatter Media is fully certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate a drone for aerial photography and video. The PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work) granted allows Graymatter Media to fly to 400ft above ground level where the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drone, can capture stunning video at 1080P and 4k.

Aerial Photography

Graymatter Media Limited is fully certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to provide aerial photography and aerial video capture using a drone. The drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) or SUSA (Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft) is permitted to fly to 400 feet above ground level and can deliver stunning

Knights of Old Carluccio’s video

We were asked to create a Knights of Old video after initially coming up with the Every deliver tells a story… branding idea. Video is the perfect platform to tell a story, and Carluccio’s a great example of a customer within the food sector to feature in the story. The strategy behind the video was to show